Sofia plays with minimus the great

Sofia plays with minimus the great

How to Play:

Sofia plays with minimus the great, her favorite flying horse ! Go and play with them you too

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12 responses to “Sofia plays with minimus the great”

  1. jannat says:

    baba thanks! for these games they are cool.

  2. jannat says:

    baba thanks ! this game.

  3. Bg Sofia Fan says:

    I like Sofia’s amulet it is so magical and can be use to talk with animals and can let her be a mermaid!!!!!!! I so love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sweet sneha says:

    so goood

  5. claire says:

    i cant play

  6. Breanna gael E. saludes says:

    I love princess I want to be princes to

  7. dhyyhhj says:

    good luck sofia

  8. Aiswarya sankar says:

    superb game!!!!

  9. nur haziqah says:

    I like sofia the first she is pretty, frieds amber is also pretty but bad 2 part she become good

  10. Deangelo Dage says:

    hello good games

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