Redecorate Sofia’s Jewel Room

Redecorate Sofia’s Jewel Room

How to Play:

Get ready to decorate the Sofia's Jewel Room, you have a beginning credit of 50 point to spend on new items that you will use to decorate the Jewel Room, you can restart the game at any point by refreshing the page. This game is intended fro kids between 8 to 14 years old but not only. Have fun !

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7 responses to “Redecorate Sofia’s Jewel Room”

  1. princess angel says:

    I like your necklace and your dress Sofia

  2. tomey says:


  3. fika says:

    you sofia the fist purpel yes

  4. sisi says:

    you sofia the fist purpel yes

  5. this is a good website lol and I love your show my people I am in my teens and I still like it keep the show.

  6. its does not work I hate you people but I love your show so much and I am in my teens lol

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